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My name is Jennifer, I am based in the US and was on work project(long term )in Bangalore. My fiance referred me to Dr Asmita at Care Dental Clinic where I got my veneers done and wisdom teeth extractions .The procedures was thoroughly explained by a presentation and time schedule was chalked out .I really liked the results and how less painful it was .Thank you Dr Asmita .



My name is Mikhail and I am from Canada .I visited Care Dental Clinic few years back .I was suggested to visit Dr Asmita by my client partner who was already Dr Asmitas patient .I got my implants done and few fillings done .The detailed planning and execution by the team was excellent Thanks for all your care and carry on the good work.



I am Rakesh from Dubai and have recently moved to Bangalore. I have been to Dr Asmita as I had cavities in my front 3 teeth and one tooth was oddly placed behind the 3teeth . Dr Asmita took one Xray and quickly diagnosed the issue and suggested for removal of the overlapping decayed tooth behind . Then after a few days I got tooth coloured aesthetic fillings done for my front 3 teeth and few fillings in my other teeth and an overall cleaning for my teeth



I was so fortunate that I could see Dr. Asmita who identified and fixed the problem without any surgery. Till today, I had no hint of any issues with the wisdom tooth. I am very thankful to Dr. Asmita and her skillful approach to address my case. My sincere recommendation and reference to all is to go visit Dr. Asmita, my favorite dentist, if have any dental problem.


I am -- ,I have been to Care Dental Clinic since past 10 years .I was in college e when I first visited Dr Asmita where I got my Root Canal treatment done and then when I was getting married I got my teeth whitening done to improve shade of my teeth After few years I changed my caps to metal free caps as suggested by Dr Asmita as my job profile now wanted me to work face to face with clients.

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Satish Thavkar

*Best Dentist I Have Ever Had – Dr. Asmita Bhoyar*
Excellent Doctor! Very thorough and caring.I am glad to know Dr. Asmita and would like to share my case. Around 8 years ago I was diagnosed by some dentist in my neighborhood hospital with a minor surgery to remove my wisdom tooth. As the first recommendation I was ready to undergo the surgery as I was having severe swelling with pain and unable to talk and eat anything. Surprisingly my wife requested a second opinion and we went to consult Dr. Asmita where she looked at the case thoroughly and found that there is no need of any surgery to get relief from this pain with severe headache. She had a small process to clean that area and remove the sharpness of some of the teeth which was causing this pain and swelling in the whole region which took around 2-3 hours.

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